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Search Engine Visibility and Online Brand Perception Are Vital For Business Success Today

The Internet has changed the way we reach out to our market. It's no longer the company who is looking for the customers - potential customers are online, actively searching for the best place to find the product or service they want.

If your website does not show up when they search, you don't get the business.

Being on page one in the search engines, online news sites like Yahoo! News and Google News and getting coverage in blogs and social news websites has become an essential part of a successful Internet Marketing strategy today.

One of the fastest ways to raise your online visibility is to use optimized online press releases that are syndicated in feeds. This can get your content onto page one for your keywords in Yahoo News and Google News - within 24 hours!

SEO-PR and Social Media Training

According to Forrester Research more and more marketers are including social media in their internet marketing strategy. Every business, PR department or agency needs to get their wits around the new rules of Web 2.0, social media and Online PR.

We offer three workshops that will get your staff familiar with the basics of Social media, SEO and advanced Online PR techniques that can give your online visibility results a boost.

Search Engine Visibility

With over 8 billion web pages on the Internet today, search engine visibility is vital if you want your site to be a successful online marketing tool.

Online brand value is based on perceptions - and your search engine visibility affects how your visitors relate to your website. Is your website shaping up?

Natural Search Results Yield More Leads

Only 26% of searchers click on Google's sponsored links. The figure is 39% across all search engines. The eyetrack study clearly shows that search engine visibility in the natural results is twice as valuable as a sponsored link or an ad.

Natural Search results yield more leads

The OneUp Web study shows that when a website appears on the first page of a Google search result, they can expect exponential increases in traffic and conversion rates.

You can get more viewership and more click thrughs from organic search results than you can with pay per click ads.

If you're not getting results and ROI from your website, you need an effective Internet Marketing Strategy to build up your search engine visibility and brand perception.

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