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Blogs have caught the attention of the business world. CEOs of Fortune 100 companies are blogging. A corporate blog is fast becoming a 'must have' part of business marketing and PR strategies.

Forrester Research says, “Get started slowly, but get started now!”  

When Morgan Stanley puts out a report on why you need a corporate blog and the Wall Street Journal writes about the benefits of a corporate blog, you know it's time to consider this as part of your Internet marketing strategy.

One of the best-kept secrets of a corporate blog is that it can get you very good search engine visibility and that good search rankings can increase your brand value.

Ready to start blogging?  We can help you with all aspects of your busienss blogging initiative:

  • Business Objectives Analysis
  • Identifying Key Performance Analytics based on your goals
  • Target Audience(s) Identification
  • Keyword Research
  • Creation of a Business Blog Strategy
  • Integration with Your Website Marketing and Offline Branding Campaigns
  • Advice of the Creation of Landing Pages to Capture Traffic from the Blog
  • Identification of Your Company's Bloggers - internal or outsourced
  • Corporate Business Blogging Policies and Guidelines
  • Training your Bloggers –blog writing has a specific format
  • Creating Relevant Content for Business Blogs
  • Business Blog Design, Engineering and Set Up
  • Blog Hosting
  • Business Blog Optimization for Search Engine Rankings
  • Measuring Results

Contact us to find out how you can get started.

What is the difference between a corporate blog and a blog site?

A blogsite combines multiple weblogs, syndicated guest blogs, and automatically maintained public briefing channels to create a formidable Internet presence that can be maintained easily by non-technical users.

Behind the scenes, there's more.

MyST Blogsites provide daily market intelligence briefings, delivered securely to your authors, to help them be more informed and productive in their blogging activity. Our corporate blog sites also include automated quality assurance monitoring to help catch problems and suggest changes to ensure your site maintains maximum visibility in the search engines.

Beneath each Blogsite is the powerful, standards-based MySmartChannels Weblog Application Server.  So naturally, every blogsite is fully RSS enabled and supports other syndication standards such as Atom, RDF, OPML, Microsoft smart tags, podcasts, and native XML.

If your business and marketing communications requires more than the normal corporate blog, give us a call right now - 818 285 6786

Corporate Blog Basics >

One of the latest technology advances is the ability to ‘feed' information directly to your audiences.   Evey corpoateblgo site come with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds that take the content of your blog and the briefingchannels and automatically feed it out onto the Internet creating constantly updated ‘news formats' that attract the attention of the search engines.

These RSS feeds can service journalists who cover your industry. It puts the latest data about your industry and your company at their fingertips—right on their desktop—saving them time and positioning you as the ‘go-to expert.'

The results from a corporate blog site with RSS feeds is way beyond any other action we have ever done.  

Read our case study about a corporate blog and RSS.

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