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Optimized Press Releases
The best kept secret in lead generation

Looking for better search engine visibility? More traditional media attention?

An optimized press release can get you in the top ten results in Yahoo! News, Google News and other News websites across the Internet. Getting your press release onto news websites does three important things for your business:

  • Reaches millions of Internet users directly
  • Creates quality inbound links to your website
  • Raises the search engine visibility of your website

Journalists use the Internet when they research a story,. so your online news release can get you traditional media coverage too.

"The New York Times is coming to interview me tomorrow morning and bringing a photographer. I am so happy to be getting some print press and in the Times no less! I also saw our press release in Jewish Online Dating as a suggestion for a Valentine's Day gift. I am so pleased with the results." American Yogini (For the retreat tour to France)

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When you want information, where do you go?  If you answered, the Internet, you're in good company.  Most people now get their news online.  Yahoo! News and Google News - known as News Engines - have a larger audience than CNN or the BBC. Placing your optimized press release into these News Engines reaches a huge online audience.

Optimized Press Releases

Even loyal newspaper readers are turning to the Net for their news and treating their newspaper as a leisure activity. Newspaper and magazine sales are down.  Over 70 000 media jobs have been lost since 2000.  As a journalist writes, on average, 10 stories a month, that' s 720 000 news stories each month that are not being put out.

If your press release is printed in your local major newspaper, you have no way of knowing how many people read it, and whether they were interested in your subject.

When someone accesses your optimized press release in a News Engine on a relevant keyword, you know they are interested - they asked for the topic. And the News wire services can give you a report on exactly how many people accessed your optimized release, how many clicked through to your website, and if you are running good web metrics and analytics, you can track them through your site as well.

An optimized press release will get you a page one result for your relevant keywords in the News Engines and News websites, like Yahoo News, Google News and  This is better than a front-page story in a newspaper, because your readers ask for it.  They are interested and qualified prospects.

Future Industrial Technologies started issuing optimized press releases in September 2004.  They put out one a month and each one got a number one position in the News Engines for their chosen keyword - due to good keyword research

Each optimized press release was read by over 100 000 interested people.  They were picked up and used in relevant websites, magazines and trade newsletters. They got international coverage. As the weeks go by we find more and more places where the articles were picked up and used in relevant magazines, newsletters and websites.

By the third release they were receiving a flood of excellent, qualified leads and getting comments like "We saw you on several trade websites and magazines."

your audience is reading news in the News Engines.  your competition is catching on fast. With good keyword research and a good story, you can find these prospects and lead them to your website.

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