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RSS FEEDS (Really Simple Syndication)
An effective tool for marketing your business online

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The Business Case for RSS

RSS Basics
What you need to know about Really Simple Syndication

Want more traffic?
Better Search Engine Visibility?

RSS news feeds are the one tool that can boost your entire Internet Marketing Strategy.

The world is fast moving from a push-based information delivery (where you send information via emails) to a pull-based information delivery (where the subscriber accesses your information as and when he wants).

RSS   - Really Simple Syndication – is the hot new technology that allows you to share your headlines and other web content with others.   Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site. RSS leverages the Web's most valuable asset, content.   It makes displaying high-quality relevant news on your site, and syndicating your news and content, easy

An RSS feed on your website makes your updated news and content available to your website visitors – without having to go through email. It makes all your content available to other  websites.  It  raises your search engine visibility.

With an RSS feed your web visitors can anonymously subscribe to your feed, judge your content and stay subscribed as long as they want to. They can unsubscribe at will, without any problems and delays.

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There's no spam. No lost deliveries.

Making your content available in an RSS feed right now can put you on the fast track to search engine visibility and customer satisfaction.  In a recent survey 664% of Internet users said they would trust the marketer more if they had control of the information sent to them.

RSS feeds give you an edge over your competitors who are slow in adopting this hot new technology.

We've all book marked hundreds of websites – and then forgotten to go back to them.  

With an RSS feed every time new content goes up on your site, your visitors who have subscribed to the feed are alerted and enticed back to the site to read the new content.

For busy people an RSS reader is a no-brainer.  It organizes our favorites and brings the news and information we've asked for right to our desktop.   So we never miss anything important and we don't waste time searching the web.

The Expansion Plus corporate blog site comes with RSS feeds already built in.  Our PRESSfeed service for adding your press releases to your website has an RSS feed.

If you're ready to leap into the future and increase your search engine visibility give us a call and we'll set you up with your own corporate blog and RSS feeds .

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