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Social Media Training

Tailored corporate and agency social media training programs


Workshops and Classes

The radical shift to the Internet for news and information has changed the practice of public relations and marketing. Social media training, and the development of social media skills across the organization, has become an essential part of PR training today.

Over the past three years we have trained over 500 corporate executives, small business owners and PR agency professionals in the finer points of social media strategy coached them on how to implement a social media marketing plan.

"Sally's outstanding training contributed to Hunter PR being named a Digital PR Agency of the Year by PR News." Jason Winocour, Agency Partner/Social and Digital Media Practice Leader.

All classes are taught by Sally Falkow, one of the recognized experts in the Social Media and PR field. The material is based on her extensive experience adapting PR and marketing principles to the online world.

"Sally Falkow took us and the other 100+ attendees -- all of them from Fortune 500 companies -- beyond the firewalls to vast horizons of new audiences and influencers. She correctly anticipated our concerns and met them squarely with data that our executive and I.T. teams could throw a shoulder into back home. "It was a pivotal moment for the company's media relations at the time and an important new skill set for us, as it has been for many of the veteran media relations practitioners who have attended her classes." Kate Robins. Executive at a Fortune 100 Technologies Corporation


We have developed and conducted a very successful four-hour online webinar class for vertical markets such as Insurance and financial institutions, travel organizations, food and beverage and technology companies.

Social Media Training Manuals

Since social media touches all aspects of your business it makes sense to develop a training program for all members of the organization. Some, like the PR, marketing and customer service people, will need more hands-on skills training. However, HR, risk management and legal also need to know what social media is and how it is being deployed. Your C-suite may be the most in need of social media literacy so they are up to speed on these new technologies.

We have recently produced a complete set of training materials on social media and Online PR that can be used across all levels of the organization for a Global Fortune 100 chemical company.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

One day workshop

"Excellent workshop" Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority

  1. Social Media Strategy and framework
  2. How to listen to the conversation
  3. Analyzing the data stream
  4. Finding threats and opportunities
  5. Identifying influencers
  6. Content strategy
  7. Content syndication - what it is and why it makes such a difference
  8. Social Media - what it is and how to use it:
    • Blogs
    • RSS Feeds
    • Optimized Press Releases
    • Social Media Press Releases
    • Social Bookmarks and links
    • Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, niche networks, branded communities
    • Podcasting
    • Video
    • Tagging
  9. Engagement strategies and how to facilitate conversations
  10. Measuring results

Monitoring Your Online Reputation

One day workshop

  • Identifying influencers in your space
  • Keywords you need to monitor
  • How to set up feeds to gather the content
  • Evaluating the content
  • Monitoring Services and tools
  • Developing positive content
  • Identifying allies online
  • A plan to create a powerful online presence

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